Authenticity is at the heart of great design.

What sets them apart from the sea of other designers are the true to life inspirations behind their award-winning and bespoke collections. They are storytellers at heart.

Their brand has evolved to represent their deep-rooted philosophy of creating and collecting jewelry with a deeper meaning.

Their many awards that span decades are a testament to the longevity and timeless nature of their iconic designs and collections. Great design tied to a deeper meaning never goes out of style.

Clients seeking a deeper connection to their personal history often pack up their jewelry boxes, to visit with the “spiritual jewelry guru” Glenn Bradford, who has cultivated a reputation and following for reimagining tired family jewels.

Glenn and his artist wife Sharyn are celebrating over thirty years of award-winning design.

Their highly curated collections include Glenn’s designs, rare pink diamonds, important signed estate jewelry and collectible watches to the backdrop of Sharyn’s oversized color rich canvases. Their collections can be seen in their Port Washington and Southampton Shops. They are now bringing their couture collections to exclusive retailers around the globe.

Glenn and Sharyn Bradford have won 16 fine jewelry and marketing awards since 2010 and 25 since the year 2000. Glenn was selected by the World Gold Council as “One of the Top 100 Fine American Jewelry Designers.” Their shop has been selected as “One of America’s Coolest Jewelry Stores” by the jewelry industry.

Their flagship Southampton shop is a reflection of their life and style – where design, art and spirituality merge. It is a destination for their global clientele.

Butterfly B

Our iconic "Butterfly B" logo was created by my fine artist wife & business partner, Sharyn, incorporating our personal symbol, "The Bradford Swirl" which represents "Forever" in my fine jewelry work, into a backward & forward B.

The Butterfly represents a rebirth. It symbolizes the freedom to create, transform & renew our spirit. This iconic symbol is intrinsic to our life & style jewelry brand & is integrated in each custom design.


Glenn and Sharyn Bradford have won 16 fine jewelry and marketing awards since 2010 and 25 since the year 2000.

Their highly designed, spiritually inspired shops, designed by Sharyn, have been selected as “One of America’s Coolest Jewelry Stores” by a blue panel team of jewelry industry experts, as sponsored by InStore Magazine,

Glenn Bradford was selected by The World Gold Council as “One of the Top 100 Fine American Jewelry Designers”, has been selected as “One of Newsday’s Favorite Jewelry Designers” multiple times and his eponymous shop as one of its favorites as well.

“Crowning Jeweler”

Pulse Magazine

“Bring on The Bling”


“Jewelry Rock Star”

Milieu Magazine

“Lord of the Rings”

Milieu Magazine

“Marketing pay-off”

World Gold Cound

“One of Americas’s Coolest Jewelry Store”

Instore Magazine

“One of the 100 Fine American Jewelry Designers”

World Gold Cound

“Favorite Jewelry Designer & Shop”


Breaking The Mold

Being original for over 30 years.

Our ability to be ahead of the trend, but never too trendy has resulted in countless awards and achievements, over the past 25 years. We have won over two dozen fine jewelry and marketing awards since the year 2000 alone.

Everything begins and ends with great original design…

Design with integrity, spirituality and award-winning aesthetic that is specific to the Glenn Bradford Brand.


Walking the walk…

Being sustainable has always been part of our DNA; even before it became trendy…Hand-made and hand-crafted in the United Sates, specifically in our NYC workshop.

For over 30 years, clients have been traveling from near and far with the contents of their jewelry boxes to have Glenn reinvent their outdated yet sentimental family jewels. There are no preconceptions, no cookie cutter designs…

Glenn’s design process is a collaborative creative journey with each client as he works with you to create a wearable jewelry wardrobe that suits your life and style. This journey results in one-of-a-kind designs named after each client.

The journey is one-on-one, in the moment either in person or via FaceTime.

Sometimes there are design elements trapped in a flawed piece of jewelry which Glenn will cut apart and transform into something amazing. But most often Glenn will re-fabricate your high content gold into new handmade pieces, after meticulously excavating your sentimental gemstones.

He will design with you and will incorporate your sentimental diamonds and gemstones into one-of-a-kind wearable designs that you will be excited to wear daily, while preserving your legacy.

In addition, all of Glenn’s creations have always been made using 100% recycled gold, sterling silver and platinum that is sustainable and ethically sourced. He specializes in recycled antique diamonds and gemstones as well as incorporating ethically and sustainability sourced diamonds and gemstones into his current and past collections.

Glenn and Sharyn designed their shops with recycled materials. Their Tique and blackened steel cases incorporate recycled materials. The wood boxes that house their purchased jewels are sustainable. The necklace busts, ring stands that showcase their jewels are made from plant-based materials from nature that are replenished.


“Shop for Charity”

Since the beginning our shops have served as a vessel to raise funds and awareness for very worthy causes.

We partner with charities, near and dear to our heart and our clients. We have been involved with hundreds of charities over the course of our 30+ year career. Some of our favorite charities include the American Heart Association, The Michael Bolton Charities, Dancers for Good and the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation.

“Shop for a Cause”

Our exclusive four day $50 million Fine Jewelry and Fine Art Pop-Up in Hempstead House on The Sands Point Preserve.

The Bradfords were the founding partner sponsor of “The Campaign to Save Hempstead House on the Sands Point Preserve”, the former Guggenheim Estate.

“Vintage meets Modern”

NYC Trunk Show with media sponsor Manhattan Magazine, benefiting Dancers for Good.