Sharyn Bradford

"My process as an artist begins with music, color, and a thought or a word. Stripping down to the bare minimum, growing in complexity as the pure kinetic act of painting evolves. Effec-tively transporting me to a meditative state.

I have been drawn to understanding our relevance as it relates to ourselves and the universe. The journey we travel to get to the center of our true self, our soul. Life's web of interactions, both interior and exterior, fascinates me. ‘To be on the inside looking out or on the outside looking in.’ I am always exploring how we see the world and how the world sees us. This transformational journey is a sort of metamorphosis, effecting everything. Perceptions about who we are and how we see ourselves is relative to where we are within our reality and state of being. Needless to say, it is an evolutionary process.

My work has become a sort of mirror for me, reflecting back a piece of myself. Always seeking to expand my vision of the human experience as it pertains to the true self. No matter what the subject matter is; a figure, a portrait, a flower...it always comes back to the quest for pur- pose and meaning within the process, hoping for a clear state of understanding and being. The texture of my work becomes a part of this journey. It is both smooth and rough, its' peaks and valleys are both transparent and opaque. My most recent works belong to expressionism, they speak to both the abstract and the realistic.

I incorporate my stream of consciousness writing in many of my paintings to act as another layer of thought. This writing is both visceral and deliberate, flowing directly from my mind to my hand and onto the page of my sketchbook or canvas in an authentically raw and unob-structed way.

Color is energy. It has immense power and ability to initiate and create a mood. I am drawn to strong color palettes. They serve as a kind of 'wake up call' to be in the moment, to see and feel with a sense of clarity.

My hope is that through my work I am able to communicate what we do not always speak, create a feeling that we may not always be able to describe, inspire us to think about what we see and to look inward. To have the ability to reach a sense of clarity and comfort where the questions and answers converge....even if it is just for a brief moment. Ultimately, the idea is to be able to recognize these fleeting moments and appreciate them."


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