Glenn Bradford has been designing sustainable and handcrafted jewelry with a deeper meaning in New York for over 30 years. Not only have his jewels sparkled on New York Fashion Week runways, but he has also won multiple design and marketing awards—25 since the year 2000.
As a highly respected jewelry expert in the industry, Glenn has made multiple TV appearances and has been recognized as...
“One of the Ten Most Up & Coming Stars of Bridal Jewelry” by Lustre Magazine.
“One of the Top One Hundred American Fine Jewelry Designers” by The World Gold Council.
One of Newsday’s “Favorite Jewelry Designers."
“A Crowning Jeweler” by Pulse Magazine.
“The Lord of the Rings” and “Jewelry Rock Star” by Milieu Magazine.

Over the past 30 years, Glenn has built a trusted reputation for creating one-of-a-kind bespoke designs that combine rare diamonds and precious gemstones with boundless creativity and cutting-edge vision. Preserving history and heritage, he breathes new life into family heirlooms that are cherished from one generation to the next. 
Oftentimes, clients pack up their jewelry boxes and travel by private jet or yacht to visit Glenn for one-on-one appointments at his Southampton flagship. He has a true passion for leading intimate, collaborative journeys with clients from all over the world. As he unearths hidden treasures found in sentimental and outdated jewels, Glenn acts as a designer and a spiritual guide who magically transforms old items into fresh, innovative, and timeless designs with a deeper meaning. Each custom piece is named after the person it was created for and inspired by.

Many of these bespoke design journeys have inspired Glenn's award-winning spiritual collections. Infused with positive energy and spiritual goodness, Glenn Bradford designs are handmade in New York and tell spiritual stories that have the power to connect you to your inner truths.
Glenn says, “I feel blessed that I get to be creative on a daily basis. My partner in life and business is my wife Sharyn. She is my most cherished muse, my creative equal, my collaborator, and my soulmate.”

Together, the dynamic duo co-designed and curated their Southampton flagship with spiritual jewelry collections, rare estate jewelry, loose gemstones, collectible timepieces, and more. Sharyn is an artist, and her large, color rich paintings adorn the walls.
InStore Magazine described the showroom as “One of the Coolest Jewelry Stores in America" and as a blend between Soho and the Hamptons. The endorsements don't stop there: Newsday recognized the couture destination as one of its "Favorite Jewelry Shops."

“We are purveyors of rarity, specializing in the most exceptional gemstones that include Golconda, Vivid Yellow, Intense Pink and Natural Blue Diamonds, Burmese Rubies, untreated Ceylon and Kashmir Sapphires, and more. We have also curated an important collection of estate jewelry and  collectible timepieces, including signed Van Cleef, Cartier, Davd Webb, Patek Philippes, and Rolexes,” Glenn says.

His Story Began

From an early age, Glenn developed a personal sense of style—a trait instilled by his late mother, who was a fashion entrepreneur. Glenn’s mom used to bring him on buying trips, always encouraged him to pursue his dreams, and fostered his creativity.

Glenn says, “My mother gave me the confidence to follow my heart and live my passion. I have always been optimistic that the outcome would be successful."

College and Early Professional Years

Glenn was admitted to a 7-year Dental Program at New York University after high school. When he finished every requirements to enter dental school, he realized that dentistry was not his calling. He then transferred into a 5-year BS-MBA Program at NYU. This is when he developed his passion for watches and kickstarted his collection of vintage timepieces.

After receiving his MBA in Finance & International Business with honors in 1985, Glenn worked in corporate America to sharpen his marketing and business skills. He ultimately decided to leave his corporate career to pursue his dream of becoming a jewelry designer. He launched Bradford Watch Company in 1987.

The Birth of an Innovative Concept in Watches

Although he was not formally trained as a jeweler or watchmaker, Glenn pursued his passion for vintage watches and fashion to launch his novel design career.

Glenn’s first collection struck a chord with leading buyers and fashion editors. The original tagline for his vintage-inspired collection of limited-edition, sterling silver timepieces and bracelets was “Tradition…One step ahead.” 

The Fashion World Discovers Glenn’s Designs 

Glenn was one of the visionaries behind transforming the watch into a fashion accessory. This evolution was a true design movement.

His premiere collection set a precedent in the world of fashion. Marrying the heritage of great Swiss watch-making with fashion, Glenn merged iconic sterling silver bracelets with vintage-inspired watch design.

At 23 years old, Glenn sold his designs at exclusive international shops, like Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks, Harrods, and more. Within a year, the Glenn Bradford brand had global distribution and was a darling of the fashion press. 

Kate Spade and former Vogue editor Elissa Santisi were two of Glenn’s biggest advocates. They dressed the likes of Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, and Elle McPherson in his watches and jewels.

Several of his early designs have become collectible items today.

Star Power

Celebrities, rockstars, and entrepreneurs including Ashley Judd, Sandra Bullock, Denzel Washington, Oprah, Janet Jackson, Billy Idol, Billy Joel, Bobby Brown, and Danielle Steele have been drawn to his work.

Glenn says, “At the time, it seemed like every time I turned on the TV, I saw some celebrity wearing my watches and jewelry. From the daytime soaps and talk shows to sitcoms and dramas to music videos and feature movies to magazine covers and spreads, seeing my work out there was really exciting.”

Leading Retailers & Fashion Designers Turned to Glenn for Unique Jewelry Collections 

In 1989, Neiman Marcus commissioned Glenn to design a jewelry collection that coordinated with his watches.

This opportunity thrusted him into the spotlight. All of a sudden, Glenn was pitching ideas to executives, being poached by major fashion players, and paving the way for big marketing programs. From there, Glenn traveled the world to showcase his jewels at exclusive trunk shows.

In 1991, Glenn spearheaded an exclusive program for Bloomingdales. He launched his collection of small crocodile leather goods that complimented his sterling silver jewelry and timepieces that were featured on crocodile straps. This collection not only appeared in ad placements across publications like the New York Times and Esquire Magazine, but also at the center of two of Bloomingdales Christmas windows on Lexington and Third Avenues.

Since those early days, Glenn has designed many award-winning collections, appeared on ShopNBC, and opened a couture fine jewelry boutique in Southampton.

Glenn Bradford Forms Licensing Agreements with Top Fashion Designers and Iconic Fashion Houses 

Throughout the years, Glenn and Sharyn have consulted with and designed private label collections for major fashion houses, leading retailers, and well known designers.

For instance, Glenn consulted with Coach to launch a watch brand. He also worked very closely with Kenneth Cole to launch a comprehensive jewelry program for the brand. From 1993-1995, Kenneth Cole Productions featured Glenn’s copyrighted collections.

In 2011, the Renaissance couple was approached by separate concerns, formed two licensing agreements, and created a fine jewelry brand that focused on astrology and energy.

They also designed a Signature Collection: Accessible luxe with the look and feel of our couture collections. Crafted with pavé diamonds, sparkling center stones, and a high luster finish, the Signature Collection is inspired by Glenn Bradford bespoke work and showcases signature elements like the 'forever' swirl motif.

Glenn feels that everyone should own great design. When he launched the sterling silver and diamond Signature Collection on ShopNBC, his on-air charisma and great design resulted in one sell-out after another.

Since then, co-creative directors Glenn and Sharyn have designed several generations of jewelry collections and developed marketing campaigns that led to great success. 

The Design Inspiration

Storytelling has always been at the heart of Glenn's designs. He's a visual designer and a conceptual artist who believes great design begins and ends with strong concept. His award-winning collections are a testament to that.

Falling in love, getting married, and becoming a father in the '90s influenced Glenn's design inspiration as he evolved into a life-inspired fine jewelry designer. His first engagement ring was for Sharyn, and his multi award-winning ‘Love and Locket Collection’ was inspired by his eldest daughter Tayler. At the time, the tagline reflected this concept: 'Inspired by Life’s Precious Moments.' The current Glenn Bradford tagline is 'Jewelry with a deeper meaning.'