1991 Cartier Paris Maxi Oval Ref 200-91
1991 Cartier Paris Maxi Oval Ref 200-91
1991 Cartier Paris Maxi Oval Ref 200-91
1991 Cartier Paris Maxi Oval Ref 200-91
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1991 Cartier Paris Maxi Oval Ref 200-91

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1991 Cartier Paris Maxi Oval

Ref 200-91

SN A 108-196


18KT Gold

An absolutely sensational timepiece- when art meets watchmaking at it’s best. This watch is truly a gem and one of the most striking looks by the fabled Cartier maison.

Cartier Collection Privee’ featured a series of limited edition of their most iconic watches including the Crash and Jump Hour. This Maxi Oval is another of this exclusive series only one of two hundred produced…

The maxi Baignoire allongee’ was first produced in very limited numbers in the swinging late 1960s in the London and the New York boutiques of Cartier. Today it’s a watch that reaches the highest peaks at auction and very sought after by discerned watch collectors.

This specific timepiece was produced in 1991 in a limited edition of 200 pieces for the “Collection Privee'” series of limited run of their most iconic designs.

Measuring an arresting 54mm x 23mm it has incredible wrist presence and is very enjoyable to wear along with being a true conversation piece.

The case is in fine conditions retaining it’s beautiful sharp curves and edges. The 18k yellow gold acquired a lovely warm color and patina showing us that the watch sat in a safe for most of it’s life. The case back has it’s fine hallmarks and engravings in pristine shape. The original crystal is in pristine shape and a feat of design itself! The cabochon sapphire crown is pristine.

The guillochee’ background dial with exploded roman numerals is pure Cartier at it’s best. The dial has no blemishes and is in mint conditions. The blue steel hands are in fine conditions. The dial really is reminiscent of a Dali style clock, it really has magic to it!

The original Cartier deployment clasp and original Cartier strap are in excellent condition.

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