1969 Rolex Day Date 36 Pink 18kt  Gold
1969 Rolex Day Date 36 Pink 18kt  Gold
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1969 Rolex Day Date 36 Pink 18kt Gold

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36mm Rolex Datejust Non-Quick Set 

Reference 1803

Circa 1969

Serial Number 2,051,XXX

Size 36mm, Case Florentine Finish 

Custom Stella Silvery Pink Dial + Original Birth Champagne Florentine Dial + Birth Box

Condition Excellent

One Year Warranty

Handmade stitched and padded GB Pale  Lime Alligator Strap

Fluted Bezel

Endearing Hand Engraving on back "To our Dad with Love"

In the 1970's Rolex produced a very limited DayDate with hand mixed colored enamels. These are known as "Stella Dials." There are four stories:

My favorite is that these dials were named after Frank Stella the prominent artist who worked with brightly hued enamels throughout the '70's. Another is that the dial manufacturer was named "Stella". the third is that "Stella" is a type of varnish and finally in Latin "Stella" means Star or Star Like. Choose your favorite.

Manufactured primarily for the Middle Eastern Market, these brightly hued dials were not popular and Rolex end up destroying most of these dials, making them extremely rare highly collectible. Green, is the identifying of Rolex and represents success and prosperity.

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