cu·ra·tion /kyəˈrāSHən/


the process of carefully selecting, thoughtfully organizing and presenting excellence

art of selecting the perfect diamond goes beyond the 4 C's-Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight. What makes each diamond unique, is the intangible magic that cannot be defined on paper. This is what we call "the X factor."

The “X” factor is the intangible magic of the diamond not detailed on any certificate-how beautiful the diamond looks to your naked eye, how it captures your attention and makes you fall in love with it. We make the art of curation of the rarest of diamonds and gemstones seamless for our clientele.

We look for Life in the diamond-its sparkle, scintillation and bursts of light that enchant with every movement of the hand, The Brilliance begins with the natural transparency of the diamond. The Fire results from the dispersion of light from the myriad of facets. This rare combination culminates in an emotional and spiritual connection that can only be achieved when holding the stone.

Balancing the emotional and financial investment is paramount in selecting the perfect stone. We pride ourselves in guiding our clients to make the right choice.


"The Diane"
Hand-made G Flawless XXX 10.02ct. Emerald-cut Diamond