The History of the Stella Dial and Our Custom Color Process

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The Stella Dial

In the 1970's Rolex produced a very limited Day-Date with hand mixed colored enamels. These are known as "Stella Dials." There are four stories:

1) These dials were named after Frank Stella, the promiennt artist who worked with brightly hued enamels throughout the '70s. 

2) The dial manufacturer was named "Stella."

3) "Stella" is a type of varnish.

4) In Latin "Stella" means Star or Star Like.

Choose your favorite.

Manfucatured primarily for the Middle Eastern marketplace, these brightly hued dials were not popular and Rolex ended up destroying most of these dials, making them extremely rare and collectible.


Our Custom Color Dial Process


As creatives, Glenn is an award-winning designer specializing in bespoke, and Sharyn is a fine artist. Their designs and fine art begin with color.

Today, we emulate these original Stella colors in the most elevated manner and work hard to maintain the original integrity of each respective Rolex, diligently enhancing the value of each watch.

First, we begin with a completely original Rolex in great condition, which we validate and service using factory components. In most cases, we are able to curate a second-period Rolex factory dial that we will refinish in your favorite color palette.

Our customization process is impeccable and seamless, and we provide the original Rolex birth dial, allowing you the flexibility of returning your Rolex back to its birth aesthetic. In this manner, we enhance the value of your Rolex.

The majority of our watches are pre-owned, and the factory warranty has long lapsed. As a courtesy, we warrant the watch to be in proper running condition for a period of one year (for details, please read our Terms and Conditions page). If you ever decide to have Rolex service your timepiece, the original birth dial will need to be placed back into your watch by a qualified watchmaker prior to a Factory Rolex Service.

We offer this bespoke experience using our watch or yours.

To start your bespoke experience and refresh the look of your watch with a happy color, or purchase one of our finished watches, please call (631) 400-9800 or email sh@glennbradford.com.

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