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Alternative Investment Series 1: The Diamond

The Art of Diamond Curation

The Art of Curating Diamonds

The art of selecting the perfect diamond goes beyond the 4 Cs: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight. What makes each diamond unique, is the intangible magic that cannot be defined on paper.

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Featured Above: 101+cttw D Flawless Golconda Diamond.

"It's all in the buy, and the curation that goes beyond the 4 C's. You are purchasing the stone, not the paper. And the most important is the dealer."

- Glenn Bradford


We look for Life in the diamond - its sparkle, scintillation and bursts of light that enchant with every movement of the hand. The Brilliance begins with the natural transparency of the diamond. The Fire results from the dispersion of light from the myriad of facets. This rare combination culminates in an emotional and spiritual connection that can only be achieved when holding the stone.

Balancing the emotional and financial investment is paramount in selecting the perfect stone. We pride ourselves in guiding our clients to make the right choice, that will appreciate in value while wearing your investment.

10+ carat diamond investments have remained stable and diamonds that Glenn has transacted over the past 7 years have retained their value and in many cases the replacement today is higher.

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Left: "The Diane" Bespoke Ring 10.02ct. G Flawless Emerald-cut Center
Right: "The Helene" Bespoke Ring 12.55ct F VVS1 Antique Cushion Center

The Myth of Sustainability in Lab-Grown Diamonds

The carbon footprint required by producing manufactured diamonds is tremendous, as the manufacturer demands significant amounts of electricity, which emanates from coal-fired electrical plants. The majority of these diamonds are manufactured today in China as well as India, and they are awful for the environment. 

Not only are these manufactured diamonds not sustainable, but they hold little to no intrinsic monetary value in the secondary marketplace.

Investing in Uber Rare and Natural Earth-Grown Colored Diamonds

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Blue diamonds symbolize trust, loyalty and wisdom.

To understand its rarity, only one natural blue diamond can be found on the market for every 100 Picasso paintings up at auction. There is more to these gems than meets the eye, though. An unusual chemical makeup and rich role in history make blue diamonds some of the most famous and valuable.

Seldom seen but equally intriguing are the mesmerizing blue and violet diamonds that range in color from serene pools of lilac to vibrant cornflower blue and electrifying flashes of violet. A testament to their extraordinary rarity, just a teaspoon have been presented in the last three decades of the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender.

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Pink Diamonds have the power to enhance their owner's intuitiveness, while red diamonds symbolize passion and power.

Natural Pink and Red Diamonds are without a doubt the most sought after colored diamonds.

The source of their pink color is greatly debated in the gemological world but it is most commonly attributed to enormous additional pressure that these diamonds undergo during their formation. In the history of the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender, there have been less than 20 carats of Fancy Red certified diamonds sold.

In November 2020 mining ceased at Argyle, after 37 years of operations and producing more than 865 million carats of rough diamonds.

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Green diamonds represent growth, health, hope and generosity.

They are among the rarest diamonds on earth, getting their color from natural radiation, endured over millions of years. There are approximately 300 pure vivid green diamonds in the world that are above one carat.

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