18kt Green Gold "Fire" Cocktail Ring with Clear Quartz Cabochon Quartz with Crystal Formation and Pave' Ruby Brilliants

“We are drawn to certain gemstones because of their beauty, intrinsic value & healing properties.

We hand carve sculptural design around each of these magical gemstones.”


One-of-a-kind The Rock Star II

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I have always been drawn to Peridot. For me it is a happy gemstone. These particular gemstones have intense saturation of color and are extremely rare.

We carved this one-of-a-kind 18kt white gold low profile cocktail ring around the three stones, set with diamond star prongs. Our diamond encrusted copyrighted “Butterfly B” logo motif is incorporated into the gallery and represents a metamorphosis, a rebirth and hope. We individually set antique rose-cut diamonds with our flower millgrain technique completely around finger.

Stars are a classic symbol that have held deep spiritual meaning throughout time. For us, they are reminders to dream…they are magical, they spread light and spark our imagination.

Peridot is known as the stone of compassion and opens our hearts to joy. It is a stone of the earth.

The merger of Peridot with our Stars representing Heaven and Earth, serves as an intimate daily reminder to be in touch with our happiness, compassion and aspirations.The design is very Rock and Roll.


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$28,750.00 $17,250.00
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"The Rock Star !!" One-of-a-kind Three gem quality Peridots set with diamond star prongs with round diamond brilliants set in Glenn's copyrighted "Butterfly B" gallery with rose-cut diamonds individually set in flower millgrain technique with antique rose-cut diamonds completely around finger. Center Stone Type: Gem Quality Peridot
Center Stone Weight & Size: 10.3mm diameter, 9.64mm diameter, 10mm diameter Diamond Pave' Weight: 2cttw Rose-cut Ring Dimensions: ~27x12mm overall head dimension, 6mm high from bottom of gallery to top of the stone Material: 18kt White Gold


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