Left to right: "The Karli", “The Sharyn II”, & "The Gail"

“I waited nearly twenty-nine years to meet my soul-mate & followed my heart into blissful marriage.

I created my first engagement ring for Sharyn.

Less than two years later, I launched our premiere Engagement Ring Collection and was named as ‘One of the Top Ten Rising Stars in Bridal Jewelry’ by Lustre Magazine.

Today, I create one-of-a-kind originals, for my clientele, naming each for the woman that it was designed for.”


Original Pave' Technique

We meticulously set each diamond by first drilling the solid frame, placing each diamond in one-by-one and then raising small beads out of the original metal

Our original pave' technique results in a ring that will endure time.

Custom Word Art

We painstakingly carve each word, name, date and symbol, creating a sculptural and personalized heirloom.

Each custom "Word Art" design is as unique as the woman it was created for.

Spider Prong Setting

We created our "Spider prong" setting technique by elongating our prongs from the base of the setting.

The thin sculptural prongs are almost alive as they grasp the center diamond, creating an edgier design aesthetic.

Carved Lacework

We carve design around each selected center diamond.

Each pierced section of our Lacework is meticulously cleaned with micro tools and detailed by hand.

Our uncompromising attention to each detail sets our designs apart from all others.

Classic Prong

We sculpt each setting around the center diamond. Whether it be a 1 carat or a 10 carat center, we are meticulous at every step.

We start with extra long prongs, to ensure that we have enough leverage to set each prong onto the center diamond, applying just the right amount of pressure and then sculpt and shape each prong to perfection.

Hand Bezel Setting

Our setter is highly skilled. He apprenticed as a teen in Antwerp. His skill base is unrivaled with decades of experience.

Our bezels are never machine hammered. We create a curved lip by hand, never flat and carve away as much rim as possible to showcase the center diamond.

Three Stone

"We sculpture our three stone rings to wrap and fit the finger perfectly.We often integrate the two side stones into the shank, for an aesthetically pleasing and a more comfortable fit. The final design is dictated by the length of our client's finger."