Winner World Gold Council Design Competition “Diamond Dust.” Close up of Pave Natural Brown Diamond Brilliants in Glenn’s “Butterfly B” Gallery & Hinged Detachable Diamond Base.

“I am sprinkled with magical ‘fairy dust’ by my family to bring goodness into my daily experience.  My little girl Hannah touted it ‘Diamond Dust’.”

Large Ruby Diamond Dust Charm


Anti-tarnish Sterling Silver Large Ruby Dust Detachable Charm with ~18cttw. of Diamond Dust and ~.09cttw. Round Diamond Brilliants in our Butterfly B gallery. Custom faceted hand-cut “Sapphire Quartz” crystals encapsulate the gemstones. 1 3/16″ in diameter.

Small size and Bespoke versions are available. Necklaces and charms sold separately.

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Collection Award Winning Diamond Dust Collection
Price $2500 - $3500
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"Ruby Diamond Dust Charm" I am sprinkled with magical "fairy dust" my my family to bring goodness into my daily experience. My little girl Hannah touted it "Diamond Dust". Featured: Ruby Dust Design Small size ~1" Diameter Large size ~1 3/16" Diameter Collection ranges from $495-45000. Featured in anti-tarnish sterling silver: large $3995


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