Winner World Gold Council Design Competition “Diamond Dust.” Close up of Pave Natural Brown Diamond Brilliants in Glenn’s “Butterfly B” Gallery & Hinged Detachable Diamond Base.

“I am sprinkled with magical ‘fairy dust’ by my family to bring goodness into my daily experience.  My little girl Hannah touted it ‘Diamond Dust’.”

Orange Sapphire Diamond Dust

Orange Sapphire Diamond Dust Charm


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"Orange Sapphire Diamond Dust Charm" I am sprinkled with magical "fairy dust" my my family to bring goodness into my daily experience. My little girl Hannah touted it "Diamond Dust". Featured: Orange Sapphire Diamond Dust Design Small size ~1" Diameter Large size ~1 3/16" Diameter Collection ranges from $495-15000. Featured in anti-tarnish sterling silver: small $2995


I am sprinkled with magical “fairy dust” by my wife & 3 children every morning before going to work. This began almost 4 years ago. My little girl Hannah, is the most passionate with her sprinkling. First, with eyes closed and with intense concentration, she rubs my head, like rubbing a Buddha’s belly, & then with fingers extended, she sprinkles this magical “fairy dust” over my head. This was done to bring goodness into my daily experience and to attract those who are in harmony with my current intent (to be the best that I can be & to always do right by others). My wife complimented Hannah on how passionately she sprinkled me with this “fairy dust”, but Hannah was insistent that this was indeed not “fairy dust” but magical “diamond dust”. Soon after Hannah suggested that I create a “Diamond Dust” Jewelry Collection, so each of my clients can wear the same goodness that Hannah gives to me daily. I listened to my youngest muse and created my “Diamond Dust” Jewelry Collection.

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