One-of-a-kind Agate Heaven & Earth Ring


Collection Heaven And Earth Collection
Price $5000 - $10000
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One-of-a-kind Heaven & Earth Ring in 18kt Green Gold with round ~13.02cttw. Dendritic Agate. Dendritic Agates are usually colorless white or gray, and have tree or fern like inclusions of iron or manganese called Dendrites. We search through thousands of these Agates and select only the most beautiful organic and colorful landscapes reminiscent of another era, and hand carve sculptural vines around each agate. Size 7 1/8 which can be sized with meticulous care in our workshop.  


Our Heaven and Earth Collection serves as an intimate daily reminder of our connection to the universe and to others. A mix of stars, sunbursts, vines and flowers is visualized in hand sculpted dimensional design that is often finished with blackened gold with highlights making for an edgy look that transcends time.

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