"The Kristina C"

“We sculpt our three stone rings to wrap and fit the finger perfectly.  We often integrate the two side stones into the shank, for an aesthetically pleasing and a more comfortable fit. The final design is dictated by the length of our client’s finger.”

“The Debbie” Bespoke Three Stone Engagement Ring.



"The Debbie" Bespoke Three Stone Engagement Ring Our bespoke client Karen recommended us to Debbie to reset her center Radiant-cut Diamond. We began our design journey and friendship with this project. The center diamond is set across Debbie's finger, surrounded by an outer frame with pave' round diamond brilliants @~1.5mm with slight negative space between the center stone and outside pave'. The ring wraps around the finger with 2 trillions and integrated shank with pave' diamonds on all 3 sides of the shank. Our copyrighted hand-carved "Butterfly B" is inset below the top ledge in the gallery is set with pave' diamonds as is the top side ledge surrounding the three center diamonds.


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