18kt gold Truth Necklace


18kt gold Truth Necklace in English.

Available in English, Hebrew and Chinese.

Layer all 3 at 3 different lengths.

Lengths vary from 16-20″

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18kt gold Truth Necklace Lengths vary from 16-20"


"In collaboration with my artist wife Sharyn, we have created this sculptural collection of individually carved letters, numbers and symbols, incorporating her stream of consciousness writing with my jewelry design and iconic symbols. The swirl motif has always represented 'Forever' in my fine jewelry work, as seen in the original 'Forever' bands created for Sharyn, along with the back of her award-winning locket, that I created to celebrate the birth of our son, and is interpreted here with individual sculptural names, significant dates & separated by my recessed & repeating iconic 'Forever' symbol."

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