Winner World Gold Council Design Competition “Buddha of Compassion” – 18kt Green Gold with Pave Blue Sapphire, Ruby & White Diamond.

“My wife Sharyn
inspired my
Buddha Collection.”

They serve as daily
‘peaceful reminders’.”

18kt Gold Hand Green of Buddha Reversible Charm



18kt Green Gold Hand of Buddha Reversible Charm Our 18kt gold reversible Hand of Buddha detachable charm can be worn palm up or down just by flipping detachable hinge diamond bale over. In the center of the palm side is an evil eye with either a Ruby or Diamond set in its center. Flip it over to read the engraved blackened words on each respective finger, expressing the meaning of each posture-Meditation, Effort, Patience, Morality, and Generosity. Featured with ~.09cttw. Round Diamond Brilliants and ~.01cttw. Diamond-cut Ruby. Available in 18kt Green Gold or White Gold or 20kt Rose Gold. Necklaces and Bracelets sold separately. Our detachable hinged bale charms can be maneuvered onto any of our hand-made bracelets, necklaces, pearl, faceted head strands...or your own. Necklaces, bracelets and the additional charms each sold separately. For necklace and bracelet options please feel free to contact us.


“My wife Sharyn inspired our Buddha Collection. Upon moving into our majestic 1923 Tudor Gold Coast home that needed a lot of love and care, Sharyn asked me to surprise her with Buddhas to calm and center her through the renovation process. This began our love affair of collecting Buddhas, which Sharyn began to paint. They serve as daily peaceful reminders. Living with so many Buddhas inspired me to carve my Buddha designs, two of which were selected as Winners of World Gold Council Design Competitions.”

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