100% Silk Charmeuse Face Masks-set of 3


Face masks can be pretty and gentle against the skin.

These fashionable protective face masks are sustainable and washable and have the potential to prevent the entry of airborne particles.

– Adjustable drawstrings to tie

– Features interior pocket for filter inserts

– Offered in double-layered, soft breathable materials 100% Silk Charmeuse that provide protection and breathability.

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How to wear — We recommend pulling the ribbon above the ears over the head and rushing the side tunnels as desired. For maximum safety tie strings around the neck tightly. Disclaimer — The Masks produced are not satisfactory for treating patients with COVID-19 symptoms. Our goal is to help free up the use of CDC-compliant medical masks for the purpose of treating patients with COVID-19 symptoms. The mask produced are designed to be a substitute for surgical masks. Care — Once the mask is soiled, you should remove the face mask, and hand-wash the mask in warm water, minimum of 80F (27C) and detergent, then hang to dry. For machine wash use the delicate cycle, then hang to dry as well.  Wash your hands after handling the used mask.


As an award-winning design team, we feel that form should always meet function. After catching Covid-19, Sharyn wore a mask that irritated her skin, was quite uncomfortable, and was the antithesis of a fashion statement...as a result we decided to offer these beautiful and comfortable scarf like face masks to our sheik clientele.

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