Walking the walk…

Being sustainable has always been part of our DNA; even before it became trendy…Hand-made and hand-crafted in the United Sates, specifically in our NYC workshop.

For over 30 years, clients have been traveling from near and far with the contents of their jewelry boxes to have Glenn reinvent their outdated yet sentimental family jewels. There are no preconceptions, no cookie cutter designs…

Glenn’s design process is a collaborative creative journey with each client as he works with you to create a wearable jewelry wardrobe that suits your life and style. This journey results in one-of-a-kind designs named after each client.

The journey is one-on-one, in the moment either in person or via FaceTime.

Sometimes there are design elements trapped in a flawed piece of jewelry which Glenn will cut apart and transform into something amazing. But most often Glenn will re-fabricate your high content gold into new handmade pieces, after meticulously excavating your sentimental gemstones. 

He will design with you and will incorporate your sentimental diamonds and gemstones into one-of-a-kind wearable designs that you will be excited to wear daily, while preserving your legacy.

In addition, all of Glenn’s creations have always been made using 100% recycled gold, sterling silver and platinum that is sustainable and ethically sourced. He specializes in recycled antique diamonds and gemstones as well as incorporating ethically and sustainability sourced diamonds and gemstones into his current and past collections.

Glenn and Sharyn designed their shops with recycled materials. Their Tique and blackened steel cases incorporate recycled materials. The wood boxes that house their purchased jewels are sustainable. The necklace busts, ring stands that showcase their jewels are made from plant-based materials from nature that are replenished.