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The finest example of The Original Patek Philippe Jumbo Nautilus...circa 1979, all original, mint, unpolished, rich provenance...available for sale.

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The two most coveted and iconic watches in the world

The original Jumbo Patek Philippe Jumbo Nautilus, circa 1979 and Rolex Newman Dial Daytona, circa 1970.
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Designed by Gerald Genta

After receiving accolades for his designing what became the first luxury sports watch for Audemars Piguet-The Royal Oak, Genta became the most sought after watch designer.

Legend has it, that while sitting at a restaurant bar having dinner, during the 1974 Basel Watch Fair, in walked the Stern family (the owners of Patek), who sat down to dinner. Genta grabbed a bar napkin and pen and sketched what was to become the most iconic luxury sports watch of all time-The Patek Philippe Nautilus.

The unusual case was inspired by a ship's porthole, with a rounded octagonal bezel.

Our 1979 Unpolished, All Original Mint Condition

Here is your chance to own a piece of history, with this most perfect example that exists on the planet.
The Original Cork Box

Most original cork boxes disintegrated. Just as the watch that is housed inside, this cork box is in mint condition. 
The Original Ultra-thin Jumbo Case 

Measuring 42mm x 7.6mm in height.

Patek only produced roughly 2500 first edition 3700's between the 1976-1982 with the original wider bracelet.

Most surviving examples are either severely scratched with stretched bracelets or have been restored having been re-polished, dials and hands replaced as well as the bracelet.

Unpolished, all original pieces are extremely rare and are the most coveted. 

Here is your chance to own a piece of history with this most perfect all original unpolished example that is for sale on the planet.
Original, Mint Condition Sigma Blue Gray Dial

The original blue gray ribbed dial is in mint condition and showcases the accent over the second "e" in Geneva. Most original dials had an imperfect lacquer finish and the brass bled through. Sigma represents that all raised markers and hand are made of 18kt White Gold. It is remarkable that this dial is flawless.
Ultra Thin Self-winding Movement

Patek relied on Favre-Perret for each case and Stern Freres for each dial. The ultra thin self-winding Cal. 28-255 C, produced by Jaeger LeCoultre still remains the thinnest movement ever produced with a center rotor.
Certificate manufactured in 1987

Sold by the renowned Parisian Jeweler, O.J. Perrin in August 1987
Two Archives

One from Sotheby's who auctioned this respective Nautilus in May of 2019, setting the record price + a second Archive that we ordered form Patek when we purchased this piece of rarity in December of 2021.
Sotheby's Provenance 

May 2019 Auction
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Glenn has been creating Sustainable Jewelry with a Deeper Meaning for 35 years. He is an award-winning designer, best known for his Bespoke work and one-of-a-kind spiritual designs.

Glenn is also world renowned as a vintage Rolex and Patek Philippe expert and curates the most coveted watches for himself as well as for his clientele.

With decades of experience he has developed one of the most refined eyes in his field. He brings tremendous knowledge, creativity and what he calls the "GB X factor" when it comes to the Art of Curation; whether be it rare watches or the rarest of gemstones.

Sharyn, a successful mid-career artist is Glenn's partner, muse and collaborator. Her large color rich paintings adorn the walls of their shop, bringing a palpable energy and vibe to their award-winning space.
Together, Glenn + Sharyn Bradford have spent the last 35 years building innovative fine jewelry + fine art with a deeper meaning. Their brand has a global following.
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