Emerald Green Rolexes and GB Birthstone Jewels 
As seen in Social Life Magazine
Featured: ~17.82 carat Colombian Emerald with minor oil

May's Birthstone is Emerald.

Called the “Stone of Successful Love,” Emerald is a life-affirming stone. It opens the heart chakra and calms the emotions. It provides inspiration, balance, wisdom, and patience. It is said to promote friendship, peace, harmony, and domestic bliss by enabling the wearer to both give and receive unconditional love.

Emerald is also believed to confer riches, power, and eloquence if worn as talismans. Purportedly, these gems also strengthened memory and sharpened wits. Its most valuable power was perhaps bestowing the ability to predict future events.

Make your own statement.

Following are several of our favorites:


The Art of One
from our Palm Beach Collection 

18kt Green Gold Handmade Wrap Necklace with Natural Colombian Emerald Pebble Beads mined from the late 1960's with GB proprietary Sunburst Diamond Toggle.
30 1/4"  
Necklace ~94.4 carats Emeralds, ~.03 carats Diamonds
from our Heaven + Earth Collection 

18kt Green Gold Colombian Emerald + Diamond Studs with 
 ~.92 carats Emeralds, ~.30 carats Diamonds
from our Stacking Band Collection 

18kt Green Gold Colombian Emerald low profile Ring with 20kt Rose Gold Emerald Flower Millgrain Eternity Band and 18kt Green Gold alternating round and marquis shaped Diamond Eternity Band.
from our Heaven + Earth Collection 

18kt Green Gold Colombian Emerald Sunburst Studs with Detachable Diamond + Emerald Chandelier
The Art of One
from our Heaven + Earth Collection 

18kt Green Gold Detachable hinged bale Charm with 100 year hand carved Colombian Emerald and Antique Angel Coral Beads hand wrapped on our handmade 37 1/2" Emerald and Antique Coral Necklace.

Charm: ~143.8 carats Emeralds, ~.18 carat Diamonds
Necklace ~62.95 carats Emeralds
The Art of One
from our Heaven + Earth Collection 

Heaven + Earth cocktail ring ~54.35cttw Emerald and 18kt gold diamond star cap set in center. 'Butterfly B' in gallery.~.81cttw pavé Blue Sapphire throughout shank with Diamond moon and star designs. Set with ~.17cttw diamonds. There are 170 hand-pavéd stones set in this one-of-a-kind design.
The Art of One
from our Heaven + Earth Collection 

18kt Green Gold Cocktail Ring with 100 year old hand carved fluted Colombian Emerald @~23 carats with ~1.02 carats of Round Diamond Brilliants pave' set around center and down the shank to the middle of the finger.
The Art of One
from our Heaven + Earth Collection 

18kt green gold flower detachable charm with ~14.1ct Colombian Emerald center,  ~.97cttw Blue Sapphires, and .17cttw White Diamonds.
The Art of One
from our Cocktail Ring Collection 

18kt Green Gold 'Tutti Frutti' cocktail ring with center  rare ~10.61cttw. Spider Trapiche Colombian Emerald bezel set center, featuring "Tutti Fruiti" pave' work going down 3/4 of the shank with Rubies @ -0.16cttw., Sapphires @ - 0.26cttw., Red Spinels@ -0.12cttw., Natural Brown Diamonds @ -0.08cttw., White Diamonds @ -0.22cttw., and Green Tsavorites @ -2.28cttw.
from our Watch Bar

18kt Yellow Gold 36mm Rolex Day Date with factory custom Green Dial on Presidential Bracelet; Circa 1986, Box + Booklet and second original birth dial. 

In the 1970's Rolex produced a very limited DayDate with hand mixed colored enamels. These are known as "Stella Dials." There are four stories:

My favorite is that these dials were named after Frank Stella the prominent artist who worked with brightly hued enamels throughout the '70's. Another is that the dial manufacturer was named "Stella". the third is that "Stella" is a type of varnish and finally in Latin "Stella" means Star or Star Like. Choose your favorite.

Manufactured primarily for the Middle Eastern Market, these brightly hued dials were not popular and Rolex ended up destroying most of these remaining  dials, making them extremely rare highly collectible. Green, is the identifying of Rolex and represents success and prosperity.

from our Heaven + Earth Collection 

18kt Green Gold Wide Star Ring with 1.95cttw of Cabochon Emeralds set in 8 stars
The Art of Curation
from our gemstone Collection 

Glenn and Sharyn have been collecting rare Gemstones for decades. Eventually, Glenn will hand carve design around the center stones. Featured: ~28.75 carats of the rarest of Colombian Emeralds known as Trapiches, with natural design formations resembling a spider web.  

Schedule your bespoke appointment with Glenn to create your dream design. Call the shop @ 631-400-9800, or text the shop cell @ 631-626-6565.


The Art of One
from our Hamptons Collection 

Handmade 18kt Gold Mismatched Earrings

5.55 carats Rubellite Tourmalines | 5.65 carats Colombian Emeralds

Length ~2 3/4"

from our Award-winning Diamond Dust Collection 

Anti-tarnish Sterling Silver Confetti Diamond Dust Shaker filled with Precious Emeralds and Diamonds on our Millgrain Sterling Silver Necklace.

Manifest magical moments of positivity with our multi award-winning Diamond Dust designs that are filled with gemstone and diamond confetti. At 7 years old, Glenn Bradford’s youngest daughter Hannah sprinkled him with Fairy Dust for good luck. This special father-daughter ritual soon transformed into a creative concept she called “Diamond Dust.” 
from our Watch Bar

36mm vintage Rolex Datejust with factory custom Green Dial with fluted bezel and jubilee bracelet. Comes with original Birth Dial and Birth Box. Circa 1979.
from our Estate Collection

Circa 1920. Platinum bracelet with ~18cttw of old mine-cut and single-cut diamonds, ~7cttw of emeralds, and 0.60cttw of triangular blue sapphires.
from our Watch Bar

36mm vintage Rolex Datejust with factory custom Green Dial with fluted bezel and jubilee bracelet. Comes with original Birth Dial and Birth Box. Circa 1979.
Watch Winders

We searched the world for the best winders to wind our Rolexes and Pateks and have partnered with the German firm Wolf in creating a private label winder with our custom Butterfly B logo insert and second matching color tone insert.

Batteries included. Stackable with either plug in or battery operation. Can easily stack in a safe or travel with you.

A Preview of Sharyn Bradford's most recent works...
The Art of One...
"Buddha in Green"

Acrylic on Canvas
36 x 60"

Schedule your appointment to visit Sharyn's newly completed studio. Call Sharyn at 516-306-1847.


Glenn has been creating Sustainable Jewelry with a Deeper Meaning for 35 years. He is an award-winning designer, best known for his Bespoke work and one-of-a-kind spiritual designs.

Glenn is also world renowned as a vintage Rolex and Patek Philippe expert and curates the most coveted watches for himself as well as for his clientele.

With decades of experience he has developed one of the most refined eyes in his field. He brings tremendous knowledge, creativity and what he calls the "GB X factor" when it comes to the Art of Curation; whether be it rare watches or the rarest of gemstones.

Sharyn, a successful mid-career artist is Glenn's partner, muse and collaborator. Her large color rich paintings adorn the walls of their shop, bringing a palpable energy and vibe to their award-winning space.
Together, Glenn and Sharyn Bradford have spent the last 35 years building innovative fine jewelry + fine art with a deeper meaning. Their brand has a global following.

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